Events Will Start In

We have more number of technial ,Non technial and fun events
all events are open to all anyone can participate.

List of events

Paper Presentenzia

Technical event

Rules and Regulations
1.Maximum two members per team
2.Time limit will be 10 minutes(8 minutes for presentation and 2 mins for queries)
3.Judges decision will be final.
Paper presentation topics 1.Aerodynamics
2.Fluid Dynamics
3.Flight Dynamics
4.Composite Materials
6.Materials and structures

send your abstract to our mail id

Last date to submit your abstract 5th March 2018


Technical Event

1.Materials will be provided for designing
2.Maximum time for design is 15mins
3.Judges desicion will be final
4.Maximum two members per team
5.Marks will be provided based on design , endurane and safe landing

Aqua Missile

Technical Event

1.Maximum pressure 50 or 40 psi
2.Single stage & double stage Aqua Missile only allowed. (or) double stage with spring
3.While release the missile you should not touch the launcher and missile
*First round range and endurance
*Second round target

CADD Mania

Technial Event

Three rounds will be conduted.
ROUND 1 : Objective type questions
ROUND 2 : 2D Modeling
ROUND 3 : 3D Modeling

Game of Glider

Technical Event

Wingspan - 1ft (Max)
Length - 1ft (Max)
Material - Wood (Preferable)
Weight - 250g (Max)
*Judges decision will be final
*Maximum two members per team
*Marks will be provided based on timing and accuracy

Fun Games

Fun Event

Events will be updated Shortly

Science Expo

Technical Event

A New model ,should helps to our environment and people.

Master Quiz

Technical Event

1.A team consists of two participants [Participants may be from same college or different college]
2.Master Quiz consists of three levels
3.1st and 2nd levels are common for all teams
4.Based on 1st and 2nd levels ,top fine teams are selected for the final level
5.Winners will be selected from final level


Non technical

1.The competition will be held online.
2.Subject of the email must be Shockaeronz’18 Photography Contest.
3.Entries will be uploaded to our official facebook page.
4.Prizes will be awarded based on Judge’s decision.
5.Photos with a maximum number of likes will be awarded a special prize.
6.Photographs themes should be based on below ones
*Aviation (Birds , Aircraft)
*Future Technology
*Nature's Spectacle

Send your Photos to our email id
Have a look at the photos send by participants.Click here